The Wailing

The Wailing ★★★★

As a huge horror fan & vetran fright fester I look forward to a new recommendations that floated under my horror radar (don't know how!? Zombeavers didn't!)

2016 had already proved a triumph for horror for me with The Green Room, Under the Shadow, The invitation, Train to Busan & now The Wailing!

The Wailing is one of the more unique horror films of late and like the above mentioned, it pretty much avoids all of the normal clichés I have come to expect from a lot modern horror.

Set in a rural town in South Korea where nothing lawless has happened in quite sometime apart from “that owl attack some years back” you follow the story through the eyes of a cruising through life human and moronic slapstick policeman Jong-goo. He is part of a police investigation into cases of violent murderous outbreaks caused by what is thought to be a disease.

The backdrop which is at times quite bleak and others beautiful. The viewer really gets a sense of location and community which assists in lulling your expectations. It's very well shot and calm in its approach.

From the get go the Jong-goo is shown to be flawed, lazy and not the sort of person who is going to save the day, but he grows on you and slowly you are intertwined with his mission. What starts off as a black comedy grinds into a dark narrative of disease, domestic murder and superstition this film soon spirals into noir horror that will keep you focused and guessing from start to finish.

Don't be fooled by this beautiful tip of the iceberg, you will be needing a hug and a whiskey after.