• Unhinged



    This was good but but there is a 2020. Dutch film in the same vein which I think was far superior. Tailgate (Bumpkleef)

  • Broil



    A bit of a mess. The killer for higher characters story was far more fascinating than the family "dark secret". Well shot but not very satisfying overall.

  • For the Sake of Vicious

    For the Sake of Vicious


    This was great. Clearly influenced by assault on precinct 13 however it stands up on its own merits. Lora Burke's performance was particularly really great.

  • Hosts


    The idea was there, the production values were high and at times the acting seemed really great and other times bad. I think this boils down to it being badly written.

  • Dead



    New Zealand comedy horror about a pothead who can see dead people and a recently deceased cop searching for a serial killer (his killer). They team up of course and the fun begins. I really enjoyed this one. Had some decent funny moments and also a lot of heart.

  • Stranger


    It was not for me. It was well shot and sound,music were great. But I got nothing from it. Whatever the film was trying say got lost in its nonsensical surrealism.

  • Held



    A husband and wife are held against their will in fabulous Airbnb! Every time something terrible was happening I just thought, at least it's happening in that house. The tiles in the bedroom were amazing. The outdoor firepit and seating were also incredible. Totally worth the ordeal that followed. This was fun little horror that kept me engaged and despite plot holes I got a kick out it.

  • The Sinners

    The Sinners


    Strong start but unravelled badly towards the end. Some good performances and well shot but felt it could have done more with the initial story that was introduced to us. Would have suited a Netflix young adult style series better.

  • Shutter



    Hear the Thai original is amazing so waiting to see that.

  • V/H/S/2



    A great horror collection. However the extra star is for Gareth Evans' Safe Haven!

  • The Room

    The Room


    4 stars for all the wrong reasons.

  • Paterson



    Nothing happens in this film and it's great! 

    Nellie, who plays Marvin is a fantastic actor and I was so happy to hear she won the Palm Dog award for this performance.