The Incredible Hulk ★★★½

Having just seen The Avengers I wanted to revisit the other films leading up to it. Especially since they changed the Hulk from Edward Norton to Mark Ruffalo. Here, in his own movie Edward Norton plays Bruce Banner as a mild mannered and young looking professor on the run from his own anger and emotions, more than he's on the run from the US government. Trying to control his transformations into the Hulk, while finding a cure, in the end he must become the Hulk at will to protect the woman he loves. It sounds rather corny and from time to time it could be, but with actors as Ed Norton, William Hurt and Liv Tyler, it never ends up that way. In fact, it is a very good rendition of a comic book character every body knows ... through a seventies tv show. The Hulk itself is way better than the earlier effort from 2003, more menacing and troubling, but in retrospect isn't as good as the new version in The Avengers. All in all a pretty good Marvel movie.