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  • The Wild Bunch

    The Wild Bunch


    I've stayed away from The Wild Bunch for decades, despite being a fan of westerns. I've seen a dozen Sam Peckinpah slow-motion bloodbath parodies, and it just didn't look appealing. But when Netflix got it I gave it a shot, and I'm glad I did. It's an excellent, tough, bloody movie, not revisionist in the simplistic modern style. It has the classic theme of aging gunfighters and hell-raisers being pushed farther and farther away from civilization, trying to pull one…

  • The Last Days of Disco

    The Last Days of Disco


    Seldom has a movie snuck up on me quite like this one, and I need to see it again to figure out quite how it did that. On one level it can seem like the TV show Friends as written by Jane Austen. A bunch of white, self-important, shallow pals look for fun and do dumb things. They talk in a unique, slightly artificial way, and the whole movie has a singular rhythm and pace that I wasn't even sure…

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  • Junebug



    I watched this again recently and loved it even more. It's the movie that made everybody fall in love with Amy Adams, of course. It's funny and sharp and heart-breaking and unique.

  • The Jungle Book

    The Jungle Book


    Beautiful to look at, and surprisingly pure story-telling. That is, it didn't seem like a typical "family film" that tries to amuse the kiddies while placating their older siblings with snark, and throwing in zingers for the adults. Very entertaining, not afraid to be dark in the way of fairy tales, funny and very exciting.