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  • Delta Farce

    Delta Farce

    So far each & every movie I've seen Larry The Cable in, I've liked but for some reason I wasn't into Delta Farce like I thought I'd be.There were alot of funny scenes, hilarious even but there were some scenes I did not find funny at all.The scene with Sgt. Kilgore wearing a red nightie while driving a scooter through the desert was something I did not need to see, ALL of the karaoke scenes were lame.They were the worst & the pro wrestling scene was way over the top.The things I did like about Delta Farce

  • Mob Story

    Mob Story


    Talk about boring, It took me 2+ hours to watch a movie that was 1 hour & 33 minutes.Instead of just turning it off, for whatever reason I kept pausing it to go do other things & coming back to it.There was nothing really funny about Mob Story.If there was, I must have missed it.The only funny thing I ever remember happening was the part where the hitman licked his gun & it got stuck to his tongue because of the freezing weather.Now…

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  • The Island

    The Island


    You know a movie is good when it's almost over or over but you wish it wasn't.Time just flew by when I watched The Island.Right from the start I was hooked.I can't believe it bombed at the box office when it 1st came out (I wonder why?) I also can't believe it's not more well known than it is.I only heard about it because I was flipping through channels, looking for a movie to watch & came across it.I've never heard of it before today.

  • Abandoned Dead

    Abandoned Dead

    ***Spoilers Ahead*** Abandoned Dead started off GREAT & had my full attention.It was GOOD & CREEPY.The long, dark hallway, the hospital equipment moving by itself, the stuffed doll come to life, the creepy caretaker, somebody or something calling out the security guards name, etc, etc, etc. Even the pizza guy was a creep.I was on the edge of my seat until the scene where the security guard went into the room that had the corpse laying there, looking like she once was…