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  • Makin' Tracks to Branson
  • Nude Basketball
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  • Death Riders

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  • Jackass 4.5

  • Dangerous Pursuit


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  • Vegas, City of Dreams


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  • Dangerous Pursuit

    Dangerous Pursuit

    Third Sandor Stern Thriller this week. 
    This one revolves around a New York titty bar waitress who tricks herself out for $100, and the John ends up being a political assassin. 
    She flees to Oregon to do a restart on her life. But right before the PDX Rose City parade, she spies her murderous John again, and this time she decides to investigate.

    Sandor Stern knows how to weave a compelling drama. This was my least favorite of his films…

  • Vegas, City of Dreams

    Vegas, City of Dreams

    Welp, I guess this year’s Movie Melt Christmas episode is spoken for 🤷

Popular reviews

  • Showgirls 2: Penny's from Heaven

    Showgirls 2: Penny's from Heaven

    There’s a line in this movie: “The one that’s able to fool the world for being dumb, is the one we should all watch out for”

    I think a lot of people dismiss this movie as dumb because it has a ditzy lead, T&A, and brightly colored lipstick — but this movie has brains too.

    Rena Riffel did everything behind the scenes — wrote, directed, starred, edited, makeup and hair, location scouted, lugged around all the equipment, and even craft…

  • Trancers



    How did I not know this was a stunning Argento lit neo-noir with a banging goblinesque soundtrack? Where did all the Italian come from?? Why aren’t more of your movies like this Charles Band?????

    It’s a blade runner ripoff except it’s got Helen hunt with pink hair outrunning cops on a motor scooter. And Timmy Thomerson traumatically killing Santa in front a bunch of kids in the mall. 

    Another nice touch is that future is all senior citizens, but they’re…