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  • The Adventures of Prince Achmed

    The Adventures of Prince Achmed


    Not in a hundred years would I guess Orientalism could look so beautiful.

  • Education



    This movie just proves how redundant racist arguments are. Human beings all of all nations are truly the same, if nothing else than in the way they discriminate against The Other.
    Roma kids in a country where I come from suffered and unfortunately still suffer the same treatment the West Indies children in this movie. And it breaks my heart.
    This problem seems so universal one could almost think there's a deeper, structural issue causing it. But let's not get political. Yet.

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  • The Physics of Sorrow

    The Physics of Sorrow


    I've started this year with some heavy hitters, but, man, the punch in the gut I got from The Physics of Sorrow... left me breathless.

    Innovative animation technique (youtu.be/0631XAf3p80) and the effective narration of Messrs. Sutherland are just a backdrop for poetic text by Georgi Gospodinov.


  • Butt Boy

    Butt Boy


    If you manage to keep the question "how" out of your head while watching it, the movie becomes a pretty fun ride.
    It ain't stranger than Stranger Things, and the child performances aren't nearly as bad.