• Hunt


    My body was present for a screening that was apparently the West Coast premiere?? Ticket was free and the Los Feliz Theater was super nice. The trailers Beyond Fest programmed were fucking outstanding (Cruising, The Beyond and The Devil’s Rain were my highlights.

    The movie itself was decidedly not my thing but the other people I saw it with really enjoyed it. Very cool as a debut film, interested in seeing what Lee Jung-jae directs next.

    also apparently the guy…

  • Dr. Strangelove or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb

    Dr. Strangelove or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb


    had it on in the background while at work. hard to deny how fucking good it is.

  • Lethal Weapon

    Lethal Weapon


    watched this in a stranger’s backyard while they rattled off where every L.A. filming location. perfect viewing, 10/10.

  • Lost Highway

    Lost Highway


    was pretty sure that I’d definitively made my mind up on this one but it kind of won me over on this rewatch. Still doesn’t touch my favorite of Lynch’s work but when it’s working for me, it’s working! Idk movies are fun, y’all.

    Followed by a Q&A with Mary Sweeney!! Fascinating to hear about working with Lynch during the post process

  • Choose Me

    Choose Me


    enjoyed this a lot more this time around. Opening and closing shots are both amazing. Still not my fave Rudolph but there’s a lot to love here if he’s your jam.

  • Heartbreakers



    Fatburger is basically a supporting character in this.

    really great Q&A with Bobby Roth afterwards!

  • Boobs in the Woods

    Boobs in the Woods

    had such a fiasco at the concession stand that I should maybe be banned from the New Beverly

  • Thank God It's Friday

    Thank God It's Friday


    again… SO many good needle-drops

  • Car Wash

    Car Wash


    so many good needle-drops

  • Fastest with the Mostest

    Fastest with the Mostest

    seeing Looney Tunes in a theater on film :,)

  • A Wild Hare

    A Wild Hare

    the gag of drawn-out, hand-wringing deaths is one that I’ve been conditioned to always get a kick out of.

  • Blade



    great soundtrack… still pondering the perfect modern-day Whistler.