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  • Magic Mike XXL

    Magic Mike XXL


    I enjoyed the (lack of) plot - it felt refreshing compared to the standard by-the-numbers-coming-of-age story of the first movie.

  • Chef



    The plot is kinda incidental to this illustrated travelogue of food, but damn everything looks delicious!

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  • Two in the Shadow

    Two in the Shadow


    Firstly, the colour is gorgeous. The print we saw had suffered very little fading, and the 1960s hues were beautiful - delicate baby blues and vibrant reds popped out of the earthy, saturated orange and green landscapes. The pops of colour also subtly punctuated the discord between Japanese modernity - the world of urban businessmen - and the more traditional world of domestic life, which is a theme that underscores the story.

    While Mikio Naruse is not remembered for being…

  • Gilda



    There is a lot I hate about Gilda. In particular, I hate that the film even suggests that the moral failings of flighty, flirty Gilda are in any way comparable to the cruelty inflicted on her by the men who want to possess her. But then... Rita Hayworth. Her performance, full of verve and guile and emotion and guts transcends the shoddy gender politics of the era and the weird karmic justice that the Production Code forced into every thriller.…