God's Own Country ★★★★★

this film was absolutely breathtaking. i am so in awe of everything this film accomplishes. god's own country is the sweet, heartwarming, genuine love story we deserved last year. this is a story of pure, unhindered love and it's so incredibly moving to watch it unfold.

the two main characters, john and gheorghes, share such an instananeous bond. the audience can feel the tension from the beginning, and it continues through to their first kiss. both lead actors bring their characters to life so beautifully; every emotion is believable and leaves you floored. the film is so touching, i couldn't help but me moved to tears at the end, out of sheer happiness. i felt so incredibly pleased that the two main characters got to be together and express their love and got to find happiness in their own way. films like this are so important. god's own country shows that not every lgbt romance ends in anguish, and it's so refreshing to see the story end on a high note.

my heart feels so full after watching this film. it was so emotionally fulfilling, almost like a catharsis of sorts. i leave the movie feeling warm and hopeful and believing in the power of love. god's own country is an undeniably beautiful, powerful, and impactful film that every person needs to see.

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