La La Land ★★★★★

la la land is a testament to the beauty of film. everything from its dreamy piano score to its lavish set pieces, from the vibrancy of LA nightlife to the bitterness of broken dreams is a love letter to the wonder of movies. you will be hardpressed to find a film more visually stunning; la la land is a treasure trove bursting with color and magic. every frame is meaningful, every set piece chosen with care and each character's costume tells something of their story. tinseltown is painted vibrant purple and gold, bright blue and shimmering silver, bringing the city to life and creating such a dreamy atmosphere that you can't help but be sucked into it. rewatching this movie reminded me why i love film so much. there's something about la la land that just makes my heart soar. maybe it's the gorgeous visuals. maybe it's the magnificent soundtrack. maybe it's ryan gosling. whatever it is, it's had such an immense impact on my life and the way i view my hopes and dreams. i'm so thankfully to movies like la la land; movies that make me fall in love.