Frank ★★★★

Giving a power house performance, Michael Fassbender steals the limelight, with a simple shrug of his shoulders or a muffled gravelly rasp through the paper-mache head made famous by the fictional character Frank Sidebottom, which in terms of tone and personality is in no way connected to this eerie black comedy.

Many may make the mistake when seeing a brief trailer or a striking poster of Fassbender spouting the strange painted face in thinking it's a bloody musical farce. The truth could not be any different as this quirky comedy contains a strong message on achieving your full potential, disregarding the quest for fame and creating the music you want. Fassbender embodies the role of Frank, a charismatic big-headed songwriter who commands his band of miscreants across an evil dead-esque cabin set up.

The film follows Domnhall Gleeson's aspiring keyboardist as he yearns for fame and success, clinging to the mysterious vocalist who has the sound of a deformed Jethro Tull.

Frank is an obscure gem of a movie and in a bizarre twist one of Fassbender's best roles despite very little face time for an actor of that fame and calibre.