Guardians of the Galaxy

Guardians of the Galaxy ★★★★★

Delivering a much needed rocket fuelled kick up the arse to the dying sci-fi genre, Marvel's cosmic smash hit Guardians of the Galaxy bands together an intergalactic misfit team of little known heroes/anti heroes giving the dwindling Summer box office the action packed oddity of laughs, bizarre characters and awesome 80's hits it so dearly needed.

Following the adventures of kidnapped space pirate Peter Quill, otherwise known as Star Lord the breathless plot takes us to psychedelic new reaches of the Marvel Universe and introduces entire new worlds of characters and stories for years to come. With every single member of the team stealing the screen with every line its hard to comprehend how these new heroes who sounded so ludicrous on paper, translated so well. Perhaps its the surprise at how likable Dave Bautista is as Drax the Destroyer or the awesomeness of a tree on steroids gruffly repeating his name to his gun toting mobster racoon partner. Most notably I think the success of every aspect of this movie, from the start of what will most definitely be a new cosmic franchise to the awesome soundtrack, will do wonders for many sci fi projects in the very near future, be it Abram's eagerly anticipated star wars saga and its numerable spin offs, whatever mishaps the crew of the starship enterprise will stumble upon or even, Whedon willing, a Serenity sequel.

With questions needing answered this movie keeps the Marvel cinematic steamroller smashing into popular culture with open plot points galore such as the possible identity of Star Lord's father....Loki anyone?

Never before has a Marvel movie by any company delivered the action, laughs and emotion that Guardians has.