The Gold Rush

The Gold Rush ★★★★

Set in the punishingly harsh mountainside of the Yukon, Chaplin's clumsiest, down on his luck, creation 'The Tramp' bumbles along the snowy cliffs to make his fortune in the Klondike Gold Rush. He's forced to take shelter in the cabin of notorious criminal Black Larsen (Tom Murray) along with the hulking prospector, Big Jim McKay (Mark Swain) who has stuck gold in the wilderness.

Although I watched the 1942 re-release, which was narrated by Chaplin In rather an enticing way, quite similar to a modern audiobook, I feel that the familiar text boxes in the original capitalised on Chaplin's physical style of humour much more than his continuous narration.

The slapstick plot, as usual is delivered by the star as if he has mixed hard drugs with pure caffeine and ran a marathon as a warm up. The ensemble cast to a fantastic job of setting up the meticulous action sequences and the bizarre scenarios that the tramp finds himself in (Boiled shoe anyone?).

Hoped by Chaplin to be the movie that he would be remembered by, the countless parodies in various cartoons of the legendary chicken scene is testament to the late stars wish.

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