Busting ★★★½

An early pioneer of the buddy cop genre and also one of the few times a 70's American cop movie matched the seedy sleaze and grindhouse factor of an Italian poliziotteschi: A gritty, low budget, but exceptionally directed, mean-spirited and frantic thriller with two worn out shithead undercover cops who rarely come off as the "good guys", surrounded by corruption, spending most of their time as the title says, busting bars, sex clubs, massage parlors and hassling a drug dealing mob boss. Its vulgar, filthy-looking, violent and at times deeply problematic (and I don't throw this term around lightly, but the way gay people are portrayed here, yeesh), an LAPD exploitation that somehow got made at United Artists and starring two fantastic actors whom were born to play the type of losers who scrap for any success, dragged through shit and just about had enough it. Also Peter Hyams directs the heck out of it, with his extended, fast tracking shots giving a special, nervous energy to almost every scene, not just the footchases. If you wanna know how high is this on the nihilism scale, it ends on a shot that ambiguously but also heavily implies that one of our leads has just killed somebody in front of a crowd of schoolchildren. That's some heavy shit.

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