Possessor ★★★★½

The natural endstage of hypercapitalism: Everyday human beings completely robbed of physical and mental agency, just a husk of flesh, bones and nerve reactions to be carriers of deadly corporate espionage. Open mutilation of flesh, mind and soul, being controlled by someone else who is so numbed to real human connections that she has to practice her lines to her own husband and son, the way she does it an another person's body. A truly mind-bending, provocative, grisly and unsettling mixture of techno-thriller and body horror which sees Brandon Cronenberg taking the torch from his father and achieving his real potential. Utilizing the same concepts he was experimenting with his first feature but with a much better execution. Visually spellbinding and creative with neon-drenched rooms, baroque structures and psychedelic colors dominating nearly every scene. The sex and gruesome violence are dripping from the screen, with Cronenberg directing both with a sense of cold inhuman detachment which only underlines the world his characters inhabit. Andrea Riseborough and Christopher Abbott are both fantastic as they both play equally tragic people exploited and turned into monsters in different ways. I consider myself a bit jaded after many years of film-watching, but the ending honestly left me shocked and disturbed. Terrific piece of work, I can already feel some of its images permanently burning into my brain.

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