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  • The Oyster Princess

    The Oyster Princess


    if only i had a nickle for everytime a foxtrot epidemic had broken out somewhere i was.

  • Vixen!



    vixen is a stupid racist whore. the real hero of the story is Niles, who is a conscientious objector of the vietnam war. vixen calls him every imageable racist name. Niles bestfriend, vixen's brother judd, uses him seemingly for a few laughs. tom, vixen's husband is the only person who treats him as a equal. i was expecting some Russ Meyer t&a and instead watched a fairly complex look at race relations. i am troubled by Niles attempted rape of…

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  • Satantango



    LONG review to follow...
    you asked for it.
    Thematically the book and movie deal with the tedium of life. The book accomplishes this through the lack of paragraph structure and punctuation(some what). The movie accomplishes this through long shots of money being counted with a constantly ticking clock, endless scenes of characters walking through bleak landscapes, drunks repeating the same story over and over again, the accordion song that will never end, rain, rain, and more rain(redemption), and the shear…

  • Chris Chan - A Comprehensive History (Parts I-XIII)

    Chris Chan - A Comprehensive History (Parts I-XIII)


    this is like watching a super slow motion trainwreck. It is hard to feel sorry for chris as he is idiotically putting himself out there, and doing whatever the trolls ask him to do, and believing anything the trolls tell him. apparently any press is good press.
    clyde, who seems to be king of the trolls, is actually the only person giving chris any good advise.
    say what you will about trolls, at least they aren't being racist homophobic christian misogynists(chris only seems to think of women as boobs and vaginas).