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  • The Maker

    The Maker

    and all this time i thought Amanda Louise Spayd was human. i had her whole creative process soooo wrong.
    in all seriousness... this says everything about the creative process.

  • Loving Vincent

    Loving Vincent


    my brother use to buy music for the concept rather than beauty of the finished project. music made by rain falling on forks. drum solos of people pooping on drums. cds where the only sound source is a bible(that really exists and it was me that bought that one).
    this movie is all about the concept. just because it was labor intensive doesn't make it good. this is not good animation. this is not a compelling script.

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  • Satantango



    LONG review to follow...
    you asked for it.
    Thematically the book and movie deal with the tedium of life. The book accomplishes this through the lack of paragraph structure and punctuation(some what). The movie accomplishes this through long shots of money being counted with a constantly ticking clock, endless scenes of characters walking through bleak landscapes, drunks repeating the same story over and over again, the accordion song that will never end, rain, rain, and more rain(redemption), and the shear…

  • Who Killed Nancy?

    Who Killed Nancy?


    sid wasnt charismatic. he was a stupid talentless belligerent drug addict that tortured and killed cats.
    good riddance sid.
    good riddance nancy.