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  • Dressed as a Girl

    Dressed as a Girl


    a narcissist makes a movie and invites his friends. johnny may be the worst drag performer ever.

  • Mondo Trasho

    Mondo Trasho


    this was a few movies before John Waters began writing some of the best dialogue ever, but the concept almost carries the movie through the 90 minute run time with only a few overdubbed lines. despite my love for Waters his movies usually benefit from his incredible commentary, and i wish this had had a commentary track. Divine at his most beautiful(Divine's prefered pronoun).

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  • Buffalo '66

    Buffalo '66


    looking at vincent gallo's bio he is also a singer and a painter, which he stopped doing to "deny people my beautiful paintings."
    PLEASE vincent "deny" us your films.

  • Satantango



    LONG review to follow...
    you asked for it.
    Thematically the book and movie deal with the tedium of life. The book accomplishes this through the lack of paragraph structure. The movie accomplishes this through long shots of money being counted with a constantly ticking clock, endless scenes of characters walking through bleak landscapes, drunks repeating the same story over and over again, the accordion song that will never end, rain, rain, and more rain(redemption), and the shear length of the…