Nocturama ★★★★½

Filmwelt Filmclub #44 - Nocturama - cosen by Kaladin

Wooooow. I'm simply blown away by how fast these 2 hours went over. I honestly think Bertrand Bonello is a god.
It immediately starts with an outstanding opening sequence that cleverly builds up tension with clean, fast, but also focused camera work and conveys a unique atmosphere with its amazing soundtrack and use of colour and lighting. Bonello almost achieves Fellini levels of purposeful shot composition and cinematography.

But the film gets even better after that. The way information is told through the news, the dialogue and David's short connections to the world outside the department store and the teenagers' delusion is extremely subtle. You have to pay attention to get behind the characters motivation and to what's exactly going on and I think I still missed a lot. Thinking that they are the centre of the world and being so proud of themselves for what they've done the group pretends to be mature in a building associated with a child's dreams. I absolutely love how the store is used as a symbol for the characters' irresponsibility and lack of care.
I don't want to spoil anything that happens near the ending because you don't expect the film to end like it does.

Somewhere between The Bling Ring and The Hater, two films I adore, Nocturama is a one of a kind film that uses every part of filmmaking to its fullest and has to be seen by more people. Best Filmclub pick so far, thank you so much.

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