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  • Set It Up

    Set It Up


    Deutch is a star. She shouldn't be doing shit like this.

    Diggs and Lui occasionally bring life into their roles, but it's too little too late. Because the script for this is awful.

    Pete Davidson as the gay best friend is kind of brilliant casting though. He's by far the most entertaining thing in it. He's in it for 5 minutes, but that prevented it from being one of the very worst Netflix films. But it's damn close.

  • Gotti


    So it's official, Billy Walsh was ALWAYS better than E.

    Remember how "All Eyez on Me" was just mostly made up bullshit?

    Well, "Gotti" takes it to a whole different level. Not only is this movie glorifying John Gotti, no matter how many people he killed in order to reach a certain level(or stereotype-more like it), this movie waits until the VERY end to literally say "Yeah, there will never be anyone like John Gotti", like that's a good thing.…

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  • Arrival


    Fuck ovals. Fuck translators. Fuck Forest Whitaker's boston accent. Fuck the twist. Fuck the tentacles, they weren't fucking aliens. Fuck palindromes.Fuck Denis Vilneughhhhh. Nothing fucking happened.

  • When We First Met

    When We First Met


    Lazy, offensive, predictable as fuck. One of the worst romantic comedies ever made. McG produced this. That makes sense. Stop trying to make Adam Devine a star, his charisma-free Jack Black impression has finally irked me for the last time. I think he can be semi-funny when he's around actually funny people. At least in the first two seasons of Workaholics. But since this is his first starring role, where he alone has to carry it, it's almost pathetic enough…