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  • Tyrel



    Really fresh filmmaking. At times, a fiercely funny and mostly unpredictable. A realistic portrayal of an awkward gathering of good friends plus a new face. All the performances are excellent. With Mitchell continuing to prove how great he is in everything. His delivery is perfect and his facial ticks are priceless. I feel like Mitchell would've been even better as the lead in "Get Out". Think about that. And no disrespect to Danny Boy. Michael Cera comes in around the…

  • Under the Silver Lake

    Under the Silver Lake


    David Robert Mitchell's follow up to "It Follows", the Mark Bennett casted "Under the Silver Lake", made me hungry for some silver CAKE. Yerg. Nah but really, I was super hyped for this multiply delayed noir comedy. Starring the against-type Garfield as THE loser stoner of 2010's cinema. Fuck not even having a job, he doesn't even wanna hear the word job. He gets himself entangled in the most quasi-pretentious yet enjoyably watchable mystery I've seen in quite some time.…

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  • Mid90s




    Really mad I can't say anything. Jonah really is the GOAT.

  • The Destroyer

    The Destroyer

    Greatest synopsis of all time.