Wrath of Man

Wrath of Man ★★★★

Yeah, I'm starting to really like Guy Ritchie. His growth as an action filmmaker is on full display here, like everyone is saying, total testosterone porn. And EASILY his darkest film yet. EASILLLLLLY. FUCK. I wanna know if the French film this was based on is THIS DARK.

Statham is the best he's been in years. Yeah, he can be a badass when he isn't even trying, but he's kind of like KEYZER SOZE in this, and he and Ritchie really nailed the empathetic vengeance they were going for with this character and H is very compelling. The rest of the cast feels like a bunch of randoms, but my faves were Scott Eastwood(maybe the only time I'll ever say this), Jeffrey Donovan(maybe had the funniest line in this), I wanted more Josh Hartnett(in a refreshingly against type role) and especially this fucking Darrell D'Silva guy, he deserves his own Showtime series as this character. He looks like a Cuban George Clooney and has the cadence of William Hurt's character in A History of Violence. Again, not as good as "The Gentlemen"'s cast, but this was still cool.

The script is a bit convoluted, there's characters and scenes and corny as fuck dialogue that easily could be cut without spoiling, and IT REALLY DOES feel like Den of Thieves fucked The Usual Suspects. But it's so fucking genuinely grimy and disgusting and pulse pounding(the score was FANTASTIC btw, so that helps). But at the end of the day, this works as a balls to the wall and patient revenge thriller, even if it lacks structurally compared to the more witty and fast paced "The Gentlemen" and "Snatch".

PS I just realized I only really like Holt in Mindhunter, and everything he's in he has the same exact delivery ALL THE TIME. And it always feels silly, except on Mindhunter.

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