Short Cuts

Short Cuts ★★★★

This is really a whole lotta movie to take in all at once. So much so that I don’t even really know if giving it a rating is fair. There is probably so much that I missed in the hundreds of little moments between characters. What I do know is that it is a seriously ambitious work that manages to capture some pretty honest portraits of humans in relationships as well as how deeply affected people are by seemingly minor events. It may not be entirely faithful to Carver’s work, but it is in its tone and overall effect. It highlights everyday life such pointed, hilarious and completely tragic fashion. People say life is boring, but as Carver and Altman have pointed out, when you look closely it is anything but. I do know that just like with NASHVILLE, I am going to need a rewatch to really get a better handle on its minor details and nuances.

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