The Lives of Others ★★★★½

I had to just pick my jaw up off the floor after watching this. I’m emotionally wrecked and utterly floored with what I just saw. I was recommended this film by my father and avoided looking up reviews beforehand, so I really wasn’t ready for the emotional pimp slap I would receive from this. 

This is a masterfully constructed movie. It is constantly engaging, not wasting a minute in its pursuit of showing the transformation of Weisner. In the beginning of the film he is cold, calculating, and has fully devoted himself to the GDR, but when he starts monitoring Georg Dreyman it is as if the human in him is ripped from its stone casing. By the end of the film I can honestly say that it is one of the most rewarding character arcs I have ever seen. 

Outside of him, the film masterfully displays the devastation a hyper controlling government can have on its free thinkers. Something that we always need to be wary of.