Cats ½

TLWR: I never desired to pour bleach on my eyeballs until I saw this film. This is in the running for most disturbing children’s movie or musical of all time. If you don’t want to contract retinal cancer, avoid this movie at all costs. Good for a few cheap ironic laughs though.

- Still confused as to what the plot was
          - Why did the characters on the boat wait so long to break free?
          - How did the villain teleport
          - We have no idea how this world operates or why exactly a cat is chosen
          - Where is the main cat from? I’m lost
- All of the characters other than Taylor Swift and Jason Derulo don’t sing well
- The songs had garbage lyrics and didn’t even rhyme for the most part
- This movie feels like a 2 hour trip
- The cat-human hybrid was a cinematic abomination. I have never been so disgusted while watching a movie as when I saw Rebel Wilson and James Corden as fat animated cats stuffing their face holes with food.

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