Royal Space Force - The Wings Of Honneamise

Royal Space Force - The Wings Of Honneamise ★★★★

A testament to the fact that gainax was the most ambitious anime studio to ever be formed. Elaborate design work of each strewn about piece of lead, all the way to the towering ship which doesn’t act as the forefront. Immortal and impossibly smooth cells creating luxuriant motion and aesthetic wonder.
This is not a story of an imperialistic military regime, as the intonation of the term ‘force’ would imply. A club of reluctant simpletons, those with no other options, but less by someone with sincere, adamant, practically religious belief. It’s a manifesto of ambition, ambition with constant undercutting by those who hold it, or should.
A story of an unjustifiably ambitious man using with a sinful, myopic desire which brings a stumble into heralded iconography. That of the ‘Great Man’ of a society. Dismantling this down, showing fear, showing displacement, and showing gross divulgence into the elation of it all. A goal constantly on the verge of failure paralleling the unworthy, unstable man meant to represent and execute it.
Successful, inevitably immortalized and heralded, but how valid is it?