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  • Bound for Glory

    Bound for Glory


    Fortuitously, I just finished reading Bob Dylan's memoir in which he describes the effect Woody Guthrie's music and personality had on him, so I was somewhat affected to see a moment dramatized in Hal Ashby's film of Guthrie's autobiography (which Dylan effusively praises) wherein David Carradine's Guthrie happens upon a mentor who shakes him up in a similar sense, a union-organizing radio personality and singer named Ozark Bule played by Ronny Cox. Only thing is, the entire incident as well…

  • All That Money Can Buy

    All That Money Can Buy


    Ugh. Someone please fix this title. The movie hasn't been called All That Money Can Buy since well before any of us were born.

    I know William Dieterle for his rather staid biopics of Emile Zola and Louis Pasteur [edit: I forgot he made Portrait of Jennie, which fits better], so it surprises me to discover that he went over to RKO and made this batshit dark fable riffing on the Faust legend, which feels at times like an American…

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  • Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

    Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind


    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    Random thoughts for the day I watched this for the first time in many years and afterward realized it's been almost exactly a decade since I saw it in the theater, which is a weird feeling:

    When this was released and my then-girlfriend and I saw it and were enchanted by it, I had never been through a breakup. Funny how getting older changes how you see a film like this so much. The scenes establishing Joel and Clementine's relationship…

  • The Black Pirate

    The Black Pirate


    It's hard for us as modern audience members to have a full grasp on what made a star a Star in silent-era Hollywood... then you see a performance like Douglas Fairbanks' in this, and it all becomes clear. His sheer charisma is completely ageless, his agility and comic sensibility -- mugging as he does for the invisible crowd watching -- couldn't be more engaging. The film's hackneyed action-adventure story (of a vengeful hero saving a princess from ruthless pirates who've…