A Girl Walks Home Alone at Night ★★★½

The novelty of an Iranian vampire movie with a streak of feminist justice doesn't quite see this all the way through to being as compelling as something like Martin, but to my eyes and ears it's weirder, funnier, certainly prettier than Only Lovers Left Alive or What We Do in the Shadows or -- oh dear -- Vampyr... but I've got to tell you, it seems to me that there are too many fucking vampire movies, and it's inescapable that in this one's best efforts to stand out it feels eventually like a semi-retread of Let the Right One In, even if there's something probing and tantalizing in this movie's vagueness that most of the above lack. The scenes that capture the urban grime of a desolate city in its loneliness and emotionally strung out beauty are like the best parts of It Follows finally finding a home, and the controversial molasses-slow love scene is brilliant.