Colossal ★★★½

Inventive, impressively original comedy about an alcoholic who returns to her hometown in sulking disgrace, while with curious synchronicity a series of supernatural tragedies occur on the other side of the world. The kind of story that subverts one's sense of perception so successfully that a moment as out-of-context ridiculous as a man stomping around a sandbox while a woman glares at him from the ground and cries attains a momentous scope of tragedy; I'll get punched by giant robots for this, but it integrates genre silliness far more organically than Edgar Wright's films. Anne Hathaway is astoundingly good as the floundering writer whose life is suddenly uprooted, and her winning, crafty performance balances out the moments when director Nacho Vigalondo loses the story thread or overextends his Babadook-like metaphors. A premise like this is once-in-a-lifetime inspired, but a few more passes at the script might have helped make the third act a bit less busy and its climax less obvious, or the characters apart from Hathaway's more believable and/or complete. Still, an unexpectedly fun time as both black comedy and spiritual renewal.