Darkest Hour ★★½

Joe Wright is a talented director who loves to play with lighting and in-your-face structural trickery but for some reason he makes almost nothing but bland prestige pictures for the PBS set, and at this point it seems like Hanna will probably remain his only worthwhile film. This Gary Oldman vehicle, caking him with makeup to play Winston Churchill in his first month as Prime Minister, isn't terribly boring but does pretty much exactly what you expect with the material, and it feels like we've watched this movie hundreds of times by now, even if it looks slightly nicer than usual in Wright's hands. And I suppose the film fancies itself a nuanced view of Churchill as icon and folk hero and "troubled" leader but his actual flaws went a hell of a long way beyond yelling at typists.

No one who complained about the tracking shot on the steps in The Post is allowed to say anything positive about the subway scene in this.

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