Doctor Dolittle ★½

Being exposed to stuff like this as a kid is why I grew up thinking I hated musicals. It's fun to see exotic animals running around in someone's house but no adult would want to sit through something this dumb, no kid would want to sit through something this long, the songs are awful, and it's pretty repugnant on top of everything else. (If I never see another movie where the heroes are "kidnapped" by "natives" I'll be thrilled.) Hard to believe a studio would be so tone-deaf as to try to release this in 1967 -- after four years of chaotic, disastrous production -- and harder still to believe the Academy could be wined and dined and 69'd into nominating it.

Also, I've concluded that I cannot stand Rex Harrison, who really seemed to fancy this his own Around the World in Eighty Days, only as bad as that film is, David Niven's smug personage never came across as quite so aggressive. He looks like a rat and something about him is just unspeakably intolerable to me, so I doubt I can ever judge a movie he's in fairly, but when the movie in question is this bad I'm not going to waste time trying to determine how much such a bias may be affecting my response.