Four Weddings and a Funeral ★★½

Inoffensive romantic comedy that structures itself on the social events of the title, but hinges on a pairing (Hugh Grant and Andie MacDowell) that doesn't make much sense -- Grant plays a serial monogamist with a string of resentful exes and a suspiciously large number of ride-or-die pals who get engaged every few minutes, but somehow the American MacDowell who has less personality than anyone else in the ensemble is the person he suddenly feels he can spend the rest of his life with, albeit not before further wrecking the lives of several other insecure women he knows. It's all pretty cynical, actually, especially in the deeply unsatisfying way it all wraps up -- but it's presented so breezily it's hard to dislike, though there aren't many actual laughs, the only big ones coming from a Blake Edwards-like coitus interruptus scene. Some of the supporting cast dedicate themselves to pulling faces and little else, while others (especially the late Charlotte Coleman, who's a total delight) are charming enough that you wish the film was about them rather than Grant's rather smugly vile nincompoop.

I'm so bad with character names that when the climactic invitation card coyly marked "Charles & __" appeared I had to check Wikipedia to see who Charles was; yeah, I'm sure I could have used context clues to figure it out, but please don't underestimate how dim I am.