Hanna ★★★★

Why is this so successful when so many other films of the same basic nature (Lucy comes to mind) are so dreadfully brain-meltingly dumb? On revisiting it, I honest to goodness feel like the main distinction (apart from an obvious visual imagination entirely missing from the rest of Joe Wright's body of work) is the near-total absence of exposition. What little is there, just enough to keep the story moving, is integrated into the story beautifully, never shoehorned or strained, and always positioned so that it illuminates the three central characters or some element of their plight, not to give us some unneeded insight into what's "really" happening. The MacGuffin is only a means to an end, and said end is pure emotion and suspense. That's what's so often missing from the writing in the thrillers of today, when you'd have to pull a studio's teeth to make Night of the Living Dead without a lot of pat commentary on What Caused All This. Anyway, enough old man talk for today; solid movie!