Isle of Dogs ★★★★

I don't have much to say except it's brilliant, and just incredibly exuberant and fun, and cute/silly without feeling frivolous. Not being a huge Miyazaki fan the comparison that sprang to my mind was Watership Down, except with jokes. Despite complaints that it doesn't have much emotional resonance I found that its touching moments were low key and subtle enough to really sting, and I appreciate that Anderson doesn't really hold the audience's hand through either the jokes or the complications. Only real complaint is that, like Moonrise Kingdom, it gets too busy and overstuffed toward the end. (Did not mind the Greta Gerwig exchange student character mostly, though I understand why others didn't like her.) But it's so visually sumptuous (I'm not all that fond of stop motion but wow), and so lively and delightful, I had such a wonderful time seeing it. (I suspect it will lose something on video, alas.) And as dystopian animation goes, I prefer it to WALL-E by some distance.

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