Isle of Dogs ★★★★

As expected, a bit less powerful and absorbing on a small screen; but just as before, I tend to wonder how anyone comes away from its beauty, intricacy and slightly warped humor unimpressed. Except on a character animation level (the dogs aren't consistently expressive, but that's stop motion for you), this is still one of the most aesthetically stunning movies I've ever seen. (And perhaps I should note that since Isle of Dogs was originally released I've watched the entirety of the TSPDT top 100 so this is an informed opinion if you ask me!) Judging by the high customer ratings I see for it online, I assume the very short-sighted backlash it initially encountered has worn off at least.

I hope that within a year I get to see a new Wes Anderson film in a theater. I've caught them all from The Royal Tenenbaums onward, the only such streak I have going for me!

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