Judy ★★½

I don't especially enjoy wallowing in the decline of onetime stars (I don't really want to watch 300-pound Brian Wilson interviewed from his bed either) so this pandering exploration of Judy Garland's final months is already at a disadvantage, but while reasonably entertaining it's made a lot worse by Renee Zellweger's caricatured, tic-ridden performance (although she does sing well) and poor, inconsistent writing that fails to make any of its real-life characters convincingly robust as people rather than historical figures. The most telling moments are those that flash back to Garland's nasty confrontations with Louis B. Mayer and MGM, and even those are rather broadly performed. The worst are those that use Garland's life as a flight of fancy to take her into the current cultural moment and sand her life down to biopic structure. It's totally unnecessary, as is the film.