Le Corbeau ★★★★

Two Clouzots in just over two days and I'm suddenly even more cynical than usual. This was my first encounter with him, nearly twenty (aaaagh) years ago; I spruced up some old writing about that and about the film itself here (mild spoilers).

After learning last year that someone made a video game out of The 39 Steps (a pretty terrific idea IMO, even though I'm not a gamer myself), I find myself thinking the same treatment could easily be afforded this film, since its geographic points and the individual characters and their motifs are so distinctive. Like a Nancy Drew game for lonely, disgruntled thirtysomethings!! Then again, it looks like it would be pretty unpleasant to live in this village, so hopefully the game wouldn't be too immersive... Anyway, if someone does it, let me know.

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