Logan Lucky ★★★

Some diverting heist-comedy fun, with more energy than usual for latter-day Soderbergh, and enthusiastically strange casting that manages to subsume the likes of Katie Holmes and Seth MacFarlane in unlikely enough scenarios that one doesn't automatically balk at their presence, while Daniel Craig and Hilary Swank work wonders at completely upending their own familiar personas, and Adam Driver's drawing of an exiled emo kid finally finds its ideal home. Channing Tatum, disarmingly believable as usual, stars as a single dad looking to get on top of financial straits and/or screw a former employer, whichever comes first; some condescending humor that fails to go far beyond "these people are Southern" and my own lack of affection for John Denver (and full-on contempt for NASCAR) can't stop this from being fun, warm, even occasionally tense, though the way it tries to spin into multiple twists modeled on The Sting is a tad labored. None of the material dealing specifically with the famous Charlotte-based auto race at which the big scenes were filmed seems to have any serious narrative purpose, but neither does the funniest sequence of all, regarding hostage negotiations pertaining to the prison library. (Maybe I just found that especially funny because of work...)