Nymphomaniac: Vol. I ★★★★

Finally picked up the director's cut on Blu-ray and the additions, I found, were mostly minor expansions of existing content that didn't change my impression of the film much, though it did make some sections feel a bit more substantial if sometimes long-winded. The train sequence is still wickedly funny, and Uma Thurman's scene remains one of the best and most uncomfortable moments in cinema from this decade. ("Let's go see your father's favorite place!" is one of those "perfect line, perfect delivery" moments.) Having recently seen a lot of talk online hissing at Lars von Trier for being an "edgelord" I still marvel at how different his movies seem to look to me; to me this is a witty, ambitious film that isn't full of shit at all, not the ravings of some smug, self-conscious shock merchant... I think a lot of people fail to see the humor in what LVT does in his films. Still, having read recent interviews with him, I regret that once again such a great artist is clearly such a fucked up (and morbidly depressed) human being. In addition to the credible accusations that he's a creep and an asshole on set, there's his admission that he was basically drunk all through production on several of his films. The demons, of course, do come through even in relatively humorous moments of his work. Anyway, all this in mind, I'll get back around to Vol. 2 soon but I don't think I can deal with it tonight!