Portrait of a Lady on Fire ★★★★½

I always thought that someday I would see a film so bad it would completely break my desire to write movie reviews as an uncompensated hobby because the whole thing would seem pointless. That never happened; instead my fifteen-year streak was broken because I saw one so good and lovely and immaculately judged that I have no idea what to say about it!

If not for my rule about not giving five stars to first-time views unless I flesh my thoughts out into a full-lengthy essay, this would almost certainly be getting five stars and in fact would perhaps merit the creation of a sixth. It's also possible I'm overexcited, but I'm definitely not capable of approaching this as well as it deserves at the moment. Hopefully this summer I will write about it at some length for real, although whether those thoughts will be coherent or worthwhile is impossible for me to say.

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