Sunrise: A Song of Two Humans ★★★★★

Finally watched the MOC blu I got earlier this year.

I'll be boring and recycle my tweets from last night.
- No esteemed Method actor has ever done what Janet Gaynor does in this movie and that’s that.
- I remember thinking a lot about this film when I saw Moonlight. The same deceptive universality that allows empathy with deeply singular, complicated characters. Murnau doesn’t have any answers about masculinity but he observes it more keenly than almost anyone.

When I first saw this I thought the midsection in the city went on too long and distracted from the dreamlike intensity of the rest of it. Now I think that by showing a couple doing a bunch of ordinary dumb shit and enjoying it because they're together, it actually captures better than most films how being in love feels. Maybe. Maybe I'm off-base there. But regardless, just about everything in this film is elemental and bewitching.

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