The General ★★★★½

Slight upgrade; too many of the most stunning moments of audacity, physical agility, and (not enough people talk about this) ingenious camerawork and composition ever captured on film to rate it any lower than this. (Plus, apart from Seven Chances, it has easily the most well-developed story of any of Keaton's features.)

Can I just say that I still hate hate hate the scores packaged with even the best home releases of silent films. I don't care how well-timed and sympathetic to the film they are; it's so jarring to hear clean stereo processed-sounding instruments laid against movies like this that I refuse to entertain any criticism that I'm wrong to play them with whatever the hell music (or silence) I want. That said, ironically, Cohen's new release makes this look practically brand new compared to every other edition of it I've seen.