The Guns of Navarone ★★★

Slight upgrade (sorry Dad, you were right). Despite some stiffness and overlength, a solid action movie -- not so much a war film, at least by the usual definition; not really any battles to speak of here -- with a pretty well-defined cast of characters (their uneasy camaraderie is put across well by the actors, especially David Niven), some exceptionally well-mounted setpieces, and a somewhat shockingly blasé attitude toward the bloodshed of war. This last element is a welcome change from the status quo in WWII movies even now: we see Germans being executed in quite lurid and unpleasant ways, robbing us of the usual visceral thrill of bloodless patriotic movie-killing. It's still pretty superficial, and it doesn't give off nearly the cathartic rush of The Great Escape, but as these things go, it's a fun outlier.