The Immigrant ★★½

Very formally correct, this is pure Hollywood stuff in an indie getup with Marion Cotillard as a Polish woman turning the other cheek at length when faced with all sorts of sepia-toned 1921 torture at the hands of a range of institutions and people, most notably Joaquin Phoenix doing what seems to be a Michael Scott impression. Gray traffics here in standard awards-season stuff, all very dour; Cotillard is fine but the narrative is just so straightforward and obvious, there's nothing here to look at or feel apart from the sumptuous period flavor. As with The Lost City of Z, you can't really complain about it but I draw a blank on any artistic or dramatic flourish here worth remembering long-term.

Jeremy Renner is one of the most annoying actors ever to live. Forced to choose between him and Phoenix I'd probably just opt for deportation.