The King ★★★½

On his website Greil Marcus (one of the interviewees) said this was a good thing to watch before going to Memphis but I ran out of time. We just got back on Wednesday. Memphis struck a chord with me that I don't feel totally capable of describing yet. Probably the most I've ever felt like I was in America and not just a strip-mall theoretical approximation of same. Anyway, the film is touching, unfocused by its own admission, and ultimately very fair-minded. And of course depressing. If we sat and contemplated what it all meant, could we ever even sleep at night? Conversely, I had a thought when wandering the Stax Musem and the Sun studio this past week: if we really think of the breadth and depth of the great art that has come from this country in just the past century, we would maybe collapse in awe. That's what Chuck D (the film's best interviewee; I would easily have let Alec Baldwin and Ashton Kutcher go for more of him) means when he talks about the one thing "they" can't take from us. But they're gonna keep trying.