The Lady Eve ★★★★★

Long review (edited from my initial response, from way back in 2007) of one of the most sensitive and witty of the classic Hollywood comedies; it isn't screwball and it isn't Lubitsch but there's something to be said for its convergences with both, and having now seen Christmas in July I feel as if the same humanism really comes through in the characterizations. (Wonder where it went for Unfaithfully Yours.) This was my third time seeing this and I was delighted to find myself still totally knocked out by it, with so many genuine laughs and a specific kind of hard-won, complex relationship comedy that doesn't easily fit a quick description. Also, favorite Stanwyck performance. Second favorite Fonda performance.

[Unrelated note: I'm sorry updates have been sporadic lately, medical and work stuff has had me preoccupied and in the moments when I haven't been, I had music blog stuff to catch up on. By way of illustration I started watching this nearly a week ago and just finished it -- with full attention now -- tonight. I expect I'll be back on track now.]