The Nice Guys ★★½

Diverting neo-noir comedy that puts a private detective and a civilian enforcer on the trail of murder and intrigue within an L.A. porn ring in the late '70s. Probably plays better if you like either of the lead actors (Russell Crowe and Ryan Gosling, neither of whom has much of a gift for this stuff) more than I do; though often clever and funny, it suffers from flimsy action setpieces and is too much a retread of director Black's much better Kiss Kiss Bang Bang. Although Angourie Rice steals the film as Gosling's savvier-than-thou teen daughter Holly, there's something severely out-of-place and displeasing about her constant presence around adult sexuality and physical danger; in a movie for teenagers it'd be wish fulfillment, but in one that feels a bit "by bros and for bros," it's just odd and slightly disturbing.