The V.I.P.s ★★

Insipid ensemble soaper with MGM going thirty years too late for Grand Hotel in an airport, with various wealthy and noble people stuck in London because of fog, complicating their tiresome intermingling. Features an all-star cast slumming it, none more or less than the inexplicably Oscar-winning Margaret Rutherford as a ditzy old woman who pops a lot of pills. She's barely in the film but has a bit more of a distinctive character than, say, Rod Taylor sporting his real accent in a painfully dull story about passing bad checks, or Orson Welles in a barely-there bit of typecasting about a director with budget problems. It's all a backdrop to the lush, frustratingly vapid love triangle of Liz Taylor, Richard Burton and Louis Jourdan; you'd never guess Terence Rattigan wrote any of this. Even for someone who's a sucker for vapid '60s jet-set stuff (I won't hear a word against my beloved Pink Panther) this is tough going.