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  • The Howling

    The Howling


    I prefer this to AN AMERICAN WEREWOLF IN LONDON. Although it drags a bit and takes some time to get going, there's a clarity of purpose and a tonal consistency here that Landis's film just doesn't have. Great effects work and some beautiful photography, too. I even think the big transformation sequence here gives AMERICAN WEREWOLF a run for its money. That ending is an all-timer, although I think it should've ended in the news studio. The sequel bait addendum is way unnecessary.

  • Jason X

    Jason X


    Looks like a SyFy channel original. Sounds like a Full Moon picture. Dumb as shit. Fun as hell.

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  • Five Fingers of Death

    Five Fingers of Death


    My first Shaw Brothers, and I'm so glad I caught this at a midnight screening with a crowd. Undoubtedly the best way to see this.

    Nonstop action with incredible choreography, stunts, and photography. The lighting is very evocative, and one lighting trick in particular creates an excellent bit of visual shorthand for when the titular martial arts technique is in use. Kung Fu flicks (and Hong Kong cinema in general) are a huge blindspot in my film watching, but I fear that I've set the bar very high moving forward. This was a real treat.

  • Dead Ringers

    Dead Ringers


    If this doesn't make you a fan of Jeremy Irons, nothing will.

    DEAD RINGERS proves to be one of Cronenberg's best, most thoughtful pieces. He weaves into this yarn a fascinating examination of dependency--both human and substantive--from the point of view of twin brothers (Jeremy Irons). His trademark body horror is still very much present but is hardly the point of this far more psychological tale.

    Bearing the burden of this story is Jeremy Irons doing double duty as Elliot…