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  • Gerald's Game

    Gerald's Game


    Give Carla Gugino an Oscar already.

  • Minutes Past Midnight

    Minutes Past Midnight


    A mixed bag like all anthology films, but if I had to watch the whole thing again just to see the puppet one, I would.

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  • Dead Ringers

    Dead Ringers


    If this doesn't make you a fan of Jeremy Irons, nothing will.

    DEAD RINGERS proves to be one of Cronenberg's best, most thoughtful pieces. He weaves into this yarn a fascinating examination of dependency--both human and substantive--from the point of view of twin brothers (Jeremy Irons). His trademark body horror is still very much present but is hardly the point of this far more psychological tale.

    Bearing the burden of this story is Jeremy Irons doing double duty as Elliot…

  • Videodrome



    I have this problem where every time I re-watch a Cronenberg film, it becomes my favorite Cronenberg film. So VIDEODROME is now my favorite. 

    The one big thing that dawned upon me on this viewing was a revelation about many of Cronenberg's movies; that is he likes to play around with not-too-distant future societies on the brink of collapse. From now on, I'll be calling his movies "pre-apocalyptic" films.