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  • Lucy



    Lucy is very good movie about a pretty lady who does too many internet drugs and then becomes a computer 

    I think luc bessom is a very good writer and did a good job telling this story about computers and the human brain. I knew I only use 10% of my brain but wow I never could have thought about what would happen if I used 100% and how I would become a computer 

    He wrote good things like this:…

  • Animal World

    Animal World


    This was not what I was expecting. That bushido clown fighting Jar Jar Binkses in the trailer was barely in the movie at all! What this is actually about is a sweet, hot, down on his luck trouble maker with some simmering anger issues getting wrapped up in an underground dark fantasy gambling boat run by Michael Douglas. So I guess I have a new obsession. A Chinese adaptation of a Japanese movie, based on a manga, called Kaiji Ultimate…

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  • The Strangers: Prey at Night

    The Strangers: Prey at Night


    Cruel and pointless. Just how I want it. I want it so bad. Feels like it’s been a bit since the last bleak and bloody mainstream horror release that wants to fuck you up but has some artistry to it. So I’m very excited by this. I love the shot composition. The performances really sell the horror, because I like and believe these regular people. And then... it’s so, so mean. 

    Christina Hendricks, I love you! Thank you for being…

  • Raw



    Alamo Drafthouse New Mission, theater 5! I love theater 5!

    Had Raw been released when I was 14 years old and first developing my relationship with horror, this would have been huge for me. Girls in college, cannibalism, death, France. But coming to it now, as my current me, I find this film frustrating. The imagery is fantastic, but tonally Raw is all over, never settling on a stride, and there's so many themes I'm not sure what to focus…