Alita: Battle Angel ★★★★

I read a lot of comics as a kid, I had my fling with manga. Drawn in by the gorgeous art of a young cyborg with angel wings and lethal robots with human skin stretched over their mechanical skeletons, Battle Angel Alita was my favorite. What really resonated with me was the story of a young robot desperately searching for an identity and discovering herself as a weapon.

It fell into that wonderful category of Japanese comics and animation, things that would either be impossible or completely ludicrous to depict in a live action movie. So many years ago when James Cameron declared he wanted to adapt it, I scoffed, yeah right loser, and watched that continue to not happen until suddenly it did, and of course I was too finicky and too busy and too anxious to go see it in a theater. I robbed myself. I wish I had gone.

I cannot believe I saw Detective Pikachu (grotesque trash) in theaters but missed this. A bit too childish in tone, but the world building and character design put every other CGI spectacle I saw this year to shame.

What a delight. Robots are so fucking cool.

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