Knives Out ★★★★

A flat out great film. A perfectly contained story with an unbelievably stacked cast delivering in ways you want and expect them to, yet rarely ever happens anymore, due to mediocre scripts, plastic, tired molds, and a lack of trust being put into original IP, even when accessible. It's not entirely original, clearly, but it's a modern, confident flip; a binding of precious old and fresh new, both within its story and its filmmaking, that creates something refreshingly timely, in ways that feel appropriate, necessary, and effortless, almost instantly becoming timeless, on its own ground — passed down, or not. Not totally "my thing", and the second act lags a bit, but it's one of the more entertaining experiences I've had at the movies, and Rian Johnson is a special filmmaker.

Knives Out is a bright light in a dim room, and watching it with an engaged audience felt almost sacred. To quote Mr. Reeves — gosh, I love movies. Ana de Armas is a star. Everyone else is fantastic, but what else were you expecting?

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